Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Alice in the TATE Gallery

 Alice in Wonderland Exhibition banner
Well yes, the exhibition is all over, and I unfortunately was unable to go as I live in Australia, (devastated because it looks ammazzinngg!) but there is still fun to be had!

While I can't write a review about the exhibition, there is still a myriad of information and fun facts to sift through! Just visit this link http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-liverpool/exhibition/alice-wonderland

But wait, there's more! A Science vs Art game for kids (ahem, and adults alike)
It has info for kids on the science and learning side of things, but for Alice fans out there like me, there's a wonderland game YAY!... It's called Wondermind

Here's a sneaky peak....
Each area has a different game
The Forest - Where Alice had to catch as many white rabbits as she can
The Tea Party - Line up the pipes to pour tea into matching cups
The Garden - Match the playing cards
and last but not least...
The Hedge Maze - Place mirrors correctly and shine light to find the Cheshire Cat
Go on, Have a go! I know you want to!!

Have fun
Heather x

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