Thursday, 1 August 2013

We're All Mad Here - Espionage Gallery

Hi all, about 3 months ago, Rachael and I put on our stripy socks and chased the White Rabbit all the way over to Adelaide for an adventure to Espionage Gallery to see the Exhibition 'We're All Mad Here'.

Our morning started by walking through Rymill Park only to find.... an Alice in Wonderland Statue!

What were the chances? After many photos and gasps of excitement we found a cute little cafe to have breakfast by the lake. With freshly squeezed orange juice in jars, and little row boats for hire, we knew this was turning out to be a true Wonderland Adventure!

Rymill Park Adventures

The Gallery still didn't open for another couple of hours, so we strolled the streets and found a lovely little op shop. And yes, there amongst the checkered floor and tea sets... was a tile with an Alice print. SOLD!

I just LOVE it!
So did we ever make it to the Gallery? Yes! Guarding the entrance were these cool paste-ups, then after travelling up some stairs an awesome painted door.

There was good art and Amazing art and some in bewteen. Ranging from established artists to fresh new faces. Overall it was great to see so many different takes and ideas on the wonderful adventure Alice had.
There was one print that caught our eye and both Rachael and I could not resist having our very own print. Unfortunately my print arrived a little bent in the mail, but I still love her!

Illustrated by the talented Elisa Mazzone
Check out more of her work here

And so that concludes our little adventure, hope you enjoyed the tour!

Heather and Rachael xxx