Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Disney's Classic Alice in Wonderland

Hi All, I have the pleasure of talking about my number one favourite Disney movie. I have loved this film since i was little and still watch it to this day.
Alice in Wonderland is a 1951 American animated feature produced by Walt Disney and based primarily on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with a few additional elements from Through the Looking-Glass.
Made under the supervision of Walt Disney himself, this film and its animation are often regarded as some of the finest work in Disney studio history, despite the lackluster, even hostile, reviews it originally received, especially in the United Kingdom. But we all know that they were wrong.

DVD cover - Gold Collection

DVD cover - Masterpieces Collection
a very recent update to the cover

The mad but lovable Hatter.
I think he has a tea addiction.

The party continues, Alice will soon realise that
she is in the company of some very kooky characters.

Quick! Paint the roses red
before the Queen of Hearts realises.

The very demanding but lovable white rabbit.

Don't step on the MomeRaths!!

The one and only Cheshire Cat, Alice's guardian angel!?

Alice shows off her singing skills to the flowers.
But the flowers don't seem to think she is up to their
very high standards.

This film is adorned with an array of sweet and silly songs, some of my favourites include...

One of the very first songs "In a world of my own" As Alice sings in the garden, with Dinah by her side, while her sister continues to read.

"The Unbirthday Song" Performed by the Mad Hatter and March Hare at their tea party, when they realise that it is also Alice's 'Unbirthday'.

And who can go past "Painting the Roses Red" Such a silly and mischievous song,
as Alice and some Playing Cards correct their mistakenly planted white roses.

I know that Animated films these days have amazing graphics and all these fancy effects, but I also feel that classically illustrated animations such as Alice in Wonderland are in a world of their own and it makes me a little sad to realise that we will never have these sorts of films again.

So I will now leave you with my favourite part of Disney's Alice in Wonderland...
The Walrus and the Carpenter. 

and of course a BIG thanks to the wonderfully talented Walt Disney and Lewis Carroll for giving the world this masterpiece.

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